Tools and Materials
1. Round Cake
2. Buttercream Icing (Click here for tutorial)
3. Rainbow Sprinkles
4. Turntable
5. Angled Spatula
6. 2 Cardboard Cake Circles (1″ smaller than cake size)
7. Cake Lifter
8. Large Shallow Tray
9. Small Bowl
10. Spoon

STEP 1: Bake your cake and place on one of the cardboard circles.
STEP 2:  Frost the sides of the cake with a reasonably thick layer of buttercream icing and remove excess. Do not frost the top of the cake at this stage.
STEP 3: Using the cake lifter, lift the cake off the turntable and chill in the freezer for 15 minutes.
STEP 4: While waiting for the cake to chill, pour the rainbow sprinkles into a large shallow tray.

STEP 5: Remove the cake from the freezer and place the other cardboard circle on top of the cake.
STEP 6: Using the cake lifter, lift the cake and gently lay on its side in the tray sprinkles. Supporting the cake with your hands on either side, roll until you have an even layer of sprinkles adhered to the buttercream.
STEP 7: Place the cake back on the turntable.
STEP 8:  Spoon a generous amount of buttercream on top of the cake.
STEP 9: Smooth evenly with the angled spatula, removing any excess. Chill in the freezer for 5 minutes.
STEP 10: Place a small bowl upside-down in the centre of the sprinkle tray.

STEP 11: Remove cake from freezer and place on top of the bowl, being careful to balance the cake correctly.
STEP 12: Spoon a large amount of sprinkles on top of the cake and smooth around to edges using the angled spatula, pressing gently as you go to make sure they adhere to the buttercream.
STEP 13: Neaten up any missed areas around the edge using the spoon and spatula as shown below.

STEP 14: Finish up the cake with any other design as you want.
Happy Caking!!!
For a video tutorial, click to watch.
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