This post is the summarized tips on how to make dry fondant panels

As the name implies, dry fondant panelling is the method in which the sides of cakes are covered with dry fondant panels. The dry panelling method is used for cakes with sharp angles like boxes or cubes. It involves making the fondant panels ahead of time, leaving them to dry and then sticking them to the sides of the frosted cake. The dry fondant panels could be stuck directly on the frosting or you could drape the cake with a layer of fondant before placing the panels.

Below are a few tips for successful dry fondant paneling:
i. The panels need to be made ahead of time
ii. Before cutting the panels, you must have an idea of the measurement of your cake tier, especially the sides and height of the cake.
iii. The panels should always be bigger than the cake tier.
iv. Avoid using very soft fondant when creating your panels.
v. Always cut your panels on the drying surface.
vi. When frosting your cake, make judicious use of your cake cards.
vii. Do not apply a lot of frosting to the outside of the cake.
viii. When applying the dry fondant panels to the cake, brush the sides of the cake with a little bit of water or vodka and apply the panels one at a time.
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